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ABCD Popeldag

The Popeldag is a gathering of people from (mostly) Holland who all either
work on ABCD principles (Asset-based Community development) or want to

learn about it.

Paganhill Community Group run on these principles; local, resident-led,
strength-based, relationship-based and inclusive; as taught by Barnwood Trust.
Jaqui Smith and Merethe Turner were asked by the organizers of The ABCD
Popeldag to present their 2-year journey developing a Community Group which

is Resident led and run on these principles.


We were very well received and did two presentations throughout the day in
small groups of about 12-15 people. This is what the organizer at the

conference had to say:-

”Great to hear all the stories about community building in Paganhill and the transformation it
has achieved. How brisk community life has become because people shared their dreams,
ideas, and assets. Thank you, Merethe and Jaqui, giving us a glimpse of your work as
community builders in Paganhill and the fun you are having doing it!”
Birgit Oelkers (ABCD Community Builder, Holland)

We would like to offer a similar presentation to anyone who would like to

know more about this and our journey.

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