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Community Garden for the future


How it looks now…

Paganhill Community Group aim to help improve the green spaces in our densely populated estate to provide gardens that inspire wellbeing and social benefits for all its residents.

Many towns and cities across Britain have Community Gardens and Stroud. Now Paganhill, won’t be left out!

Our Community Garden will include many benefits for the health of the area, for people of all generations and with all abilities. It will encourage a sense of pride in the area, too, if we all came together to make our green spaces special.

The aim is to start in a small way with raised beds that people can use as a small allotment space, and with fruit tree planting. Then identifying what residents would like to achieve in their areas, and support projects by offering expertise and funding.

Hope for the Future…

Our Objectives

  • To provide a garden where anyone of any age can come and enjoy being outside, gardening or building raised beds for veg, or just hang out.
  • To have a mixture of areas, a vegetable garden and a flower/tree garden which can be a sensory garden or just a relaxing place to be. To have areas for teenagers and areas for people to just sit and chat or be quiet. Areas to meet and areas to play.
  • To provide a space for wildlife to thrive, with a view to being part of Stroud wildlife corridors initiative/plans.
  • To collaborate with other local organizations experienced in providing therapeutic outdoor activities and play opportunities.
  • To work with local schools and other local organizations or groups like disability groups, mental health or people who have had a physical accident to further the work of the Community Garden in supporting peoples health, wellbeing, and isolation.

Contact us if you would like to be involved